Create aliases for relocating Gumball

I’m trying to create Aliases like this.
!_RelocateGumball ----> snap points (near/intersect/quad, etc.) without defining X,Y axis

Any help?


I don’t get the “without defining X,Y axis” bit as you can accept default.

But to get the snaps that you want ticked every time then something like this will work in an Alias:

!_RelocateGumball Osnap None Near Intersection Quadrant Enter

This then gives you only those snaps and the ability to click with the mouse then press enter to accept default axis.

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Hi Kev- Enter to accept the origin point without changing the orientation.

“! _RelocateGumball _Pause _Enter”

BTW, note there needs to be a space after the !


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Perfect!! :wink: