Create a workflow for a text based Table / domain than can do a IFTT based on SF

I found an interesting workflow which looked like what I was trying to do, but I am running into an error. I have a list of square footage that relates to the LEED v4 Daylight & Views requirements. I am trying to set up a workflow that when I have a geometry, the SF will automatically notify me the require perimeter area based on the two tables. Before I can even work with gates or other components, I am running into an issue with the first table with has a range of SF that the geometry falls into. Attached is my current workflow process and the rated images.

Does any one know how I can do this correctly?



Domain Gate IFTT for (12.5 KB)

Remove all commas to separate each group of three digits. GH doesn’t recognize it as a number if it contains comma.
And please discard the habit of using panel text as an input value. GH recognizes the number in the panel as text. although some input automatically recognizes text as a number…

Domain Gate IFTT for (13.2 KB)

Thank you for that quick response! I knew it was something simple I was overlooking. As a follow up question from your comment, how would you proceed with data such as this that is not generated but from an external source table? I thought a panel would be the simplest way.

Thanks Again!

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