Create a volume between surfaces

Hello everyone, I have a problem concerning the creation of a volume between a surface and a mesh.

I generated a Delaunay mesh above an extruded volume.
Like this, when I try to 3d-print the plate, the mesh surface is not joined with the rest of the object.
I would like to join the existing volume with the mesh, to get a unique volume. Is there a way to do it?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Could I know it?

Well, I really don’t like having to say this…

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

I’m sorry, but the problem I’m talking about is contained in a larger and quite messy file, that’s why I uploaded the preview instead of the algorithm.
The lower volume is an extrusion, the upper surface is a Delaunay mesh created starting from random points.

As Joseph points out, remove all the irrelevant parts and post a minimal version of the file (only the part which you have problems with).

  1. Copy the file
  2. In the copy - Remove the irrelevant stuff
  3. Upload the copy containing the minimal version

// Rolf

Ok, i didn’t get that you were asking for the actual file, I thought you were asking for a screenshot of the algorithm, since I’ve seen it in a couple threads on this forum. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
The situation I’m talking about is in this file. (13.9 KB)
Thanks :smiley: (15.4 KB)

Thanks you very much! :smiley: