Create a surface that follows along a curve

I need to create a surface that follows along the path of this curve, like a road (and others of similar complexity. Think pipe but in 2D.

None of the offset techniques work (I tried lofting two offsets with opposing distances but it goes to hell as soon as curves start intersecting with each other). I also tried the clipper version that works with self-intersection but it doesn’t actually let me offset both sides of a curve (which I would need to create the surface)

Any ideas for this? I didn’t think it would be hard to do this but I can’t find a technique that works reliably for this.

If sweep doesn’t work @franeb_96, could you create some lines perpendicular to the curve and loft through them?

Would be quite a nice F1 circuit that (if I do say so myself).

John. (5.6 KB)