Create a surface from anothers two surfaces

Hi, I would want to know how I can create a surface from the union of anothers two surfaces so I could manipulate the control points of the new surface.

There are some cases where that would be easy and others where it would be impossible.

Can you please post an example file with two surfaces you’re trying to merge?

I would want to merge the surfaces pink and grey, and the grey surface is a trimmed surface from another, in fact the trim is from the selected points i nthe imagen.
I have read that the problem is because I can´t merge a trimmed surface, but I´m not sure.
In that case: Is there any method which let me get a new surface from the union of these two in order I could modify the control points of the new surface?

Hello - try MergeSrf with Roundness set to 0. It would be easier to see what is going in if you posted the surfaces.


Previous thread by @cavasct on the same topic: How to fuse surfaces

If the trimmed surface is trimmed along an isocurve then ShrinkTrimmedSrf may shrink the surface to an untrimmed surface.

I don’t think MergeSrf will work for the two surfaces in the illustration given the topology of the two surfaces, even if both surfaces are untrimmed. MergeSrf requires that the two surfaces each have an edge which is coincident with an edge of the other surface along the entire length of the edges. That is not the situation in the illustration above.

Examples of surfaces which can and cannot be merged. MergeSrfExample1.3dm (65.2 KB)


Ive just done, not by merging surfaces but by joining them. If you want to modify control points you need to disjoin them an thats all.
Thank you anyway!