Create a small interface/points co-ordinate monitor, 2*2 inches with black background

Dear Friends,
I need to create a small monitor/interface, where I should show the number of points as it grow inside rhino interface.It is a Rhinocommon plugin.
I am getting points from Faro arms, now I need to show the number of points and their co-ordinates in a small 2 inches corner interface/ monitor. My tool is working very perfect, now I need to integrate this small monitoring system for point co-ordinate and this small black monitor should sit at the upper right corner of the Rhino interface, while the RhinoCommon plugin is running.

***** Is there anything inside RhinoCommon to create a small interface like this?

It should be black and the number display should be a striking color.

I have worked with windows form for hundred times, for creating windows form in Rhino.

But I never created an weird interface like this in Rhino.Does windows form can give me an interactive interface like this, I may missed that part of knowledge about it

Once I did with openGL. But not sure if that is the right way or logical way…

What is your suggestion, for doing something like this? Should I use openGL space with black background and then write the text on it?

If any one of you have other suggestion, with windows form or any other process, then please let me know. it will be a big help.

Best regards

You should be able to create a display conduit in RhinoCommon with your display as an overlay, you can display text and a background over the Rhino viewport, for example. You can refresh the display at the interval you want.

The things you might want to look at are RhinoDisplay.DisplayPipeline.Draw2DText() and .DrawPolygon() (draws a filled polygon, which could be a rectangle)…

I did this once with text, it wasn’t that difficult - need to find the example, though…

Here’s the example…


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Hi Mitch, Many Thanks for the idea ! I use display conduit a lot for geometry and text. This can be one alternative, if I cannot figure out, what exactly I need to do.
Client wanted an window popping out at the corner. that small window 2inches by 2 inches , should be displaying the text in big size .

So should I create an extra small Rhino window small in size and then write on it, with big letters? OK it sounds bit funny now. I am stupid that I did not suggest him this display thing, the way you told me.

Well I liked your idea. I am going to send something just simple as displaying the text in the corner. If he is happy then I am done …

Many thanks !

Well, I haven’t tried it, but with the DrawPolygon method(), I assume you can draw an opaque rectangle (hopefully behind the text!) - maybe even two, one perhaps white and slightly bigger, then a black one in front of that, so that it looks like a window frame… Then your text in yellow or something on top of the black…

Hmm, in looking at this closer, the polygon is drawn in Rhino world coordinates while the text can be drawn in screenspace… I don’t know how to draw a filled rectangle in screenspace… :frowning:


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Can’t you just use Windows .NET system graphics namespace routines? I don’t know that you can, either - just putting the thought out there.

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Thanks every one, I have used the first option mentioned by Mitch !

Best regards