Create a slope along the XZ and YZ axes

Hello everyone, I am new to Grasshopper, and I need some help with a problem. How can I create a slope in both the XZ and YZ directions for a cylindrical body in Grasshopper? Thank you all for your assistance.

Example (37.3 KB)

I can’t see anything in that GH file. Create a plane / box, rotate it, cut the cylinder with it.

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Sorry this is my file
Example (37.3 KB)

Can you help me in detail? I don’t really understand what you mean because I’m new to grass

So someone elses code? Anyway I don’t have these plugins, can’t help.

Thanks bro

maybe this (11.0 KB)

the logic is simple.
create the point where the base of the plane should be (in your case it lies on the vertical axis)

create an XY plane at that point → this is the plane you want to rotate
create XZ and YZ planes at that point as well
rotate the XY plane by YZ n% ( to get the angle in radians you calculate 2Pi / 100 * n ) → you get XY_r
rotate XY_r by XZ m% → you get desired plane XY_r2

use XY_r2 to intersect/cut/whatever your desired shape

Thanks my friend great idea, I solved it in a longer way, but I have followed your method