Create a Shell from the matematica formula

I’m trying to create a shell from the matematica formula.
I give here the formula, and what i did on grasshopper.
As you see, i think i made a mistake, because it doesn’t work, but i don’t know the solution.
Can you please help me?
Thanks so much! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Upload file.

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Ok! This is the file! But sorry, it seems here i can only download one file, maybe i do a mistake? Because i’d like to download the other file too! (18.5 KB)

Which file you want to download?

Hi Tim! Sorry! I’m a beginner here!
And my english is not very good!
I wanted to say that i’d like to download at the same post, the jpeg file, nd the GH file. I did it, but in different posts, you have all here!
Sorry for the confusion!
Now i’m trying to create the Elliptic Hyperboloid at the post i created!
Thanks so much!:grinning: