Create a series of same geometry in different scale


Is there some definition that can nested copy with scaling

would appreciate any help!

Here’s a simple example. (10.8 KB)

@ HS_Kim Thanks!!! Can it be restricted of not exceeding the first height of geometry?

I can propose that

You begin by choosing a scale factor (less than one)
then you adapt the translate factor
move (10.0 KB)

That’s Nice!!!
Now I’m trying to do the second form of scaling with form of triangle, but my definition only can do one per one instead of creating a definition that can let me create infinite of geometry.

Attachment of gh
Modelos (108.2 KB)

Here a way to do it, the only new trick is to have the points above. First the middle of the line, then the line is splitted in 2 and we use each middle to put a new shape …
I am just not happy with the progression of the scaling factor. I will use a graph mapper.

scale an (13.8 KB)

With a triangle it is OK if scale is 0.5

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Nice!!! That’s very useful. Appreciate it :laughing:

You can start with serie of squares

square (9.0 KB)

Hello! I wonder if you can see the definition, because it is not working.
The image is what I want to get

But mine is like that

Attachment of the definition
Tree (21.7 KB)

Try this (19.3 KB)


here’s a variant in code, though without the spreading at the top: (12.9 KB)

edit: this one has: (13.1 KB)

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Nice!!! Tks!!!

It is also possible to make tree with more randomness using kMean clustering for each level

I’m trying to do this with grasshopper

But the tree definition is always modulated, that can’t let me to manipulate the angle of the curve(never be less than 45degrees) and divide into various segments (From 1 - 6 segments as increase the level) always keeping the height of 5. So the total height and width is 30

The last segment of every curve is always 45 degrees

Here’s the attachment of my curves
Curves.3dm (714.5 KB)

You can create it like this , replace Gene pool with your series (10.3 KB)

Yeah, I’m trying the gene pool, but this can’t control the height. Anyway the part that I can’t get is this

With the logical of

The previous definition only let me to do with triangles and when I change the triangles to another form of geometry, It doesn’t work

@anon39580149 I tried with your definition, because is the only that let me to move the height per segment. The problem start to appear when I want to change the angle.

Trying to do like this:

Attachment (23.6 KB)

Check this maybe help

And search about LSystem and Rabbit plugin , i think will help you to create what you need

tree (16.4 KB)

Check this as well , different approach

tree (14.8 KB)

Holy cow this is some amazing stuff. Gotta get back into Grasshopper training this weekend!