Create a curve between multiple points

Hi, I have a set of airfoil coordinates which I have read from a .txt file into Rhino. Between the points is a straight line which leaves the airfoil looking a little jagged. Is there a command that will enable me to create a smooth curve between all of the points while retaining the accuracy of the airfoil?


Hello - use CrvThroughPt > Degree=3 Type=Interpolated Knots=Uniform

Does that do it? If you already have a polyline, use CurveThroughPolyline
Note that to get a really clean curve, it may be better to draw your own simple curve using the points as a template.


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Hi Pascal, thanks for your help!

It does work, but it looks a little bumpy and odd between some points. I presume that no cleaner outcome is possible and I’ll have to manually tidy up some sections. :slight_smile:

Hello - if the points are not evenly spaced, try SqrtChord knots in that command. But as I mentioned, drawing your own simple curve is probably the best way - feel free to post a file.


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Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your advice!

When there are large differences is distance between points I typically use Knots=Chord.


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CurveThroughPolyline > Degree=3, Type=Interpolated, Knots=Cord

creates a perfect airfoil!

Thank you!