Create a crown

hello!!! I can understand how to begin on building that model… If anyone has an idea?? thank yoiu for help!!!

Hi Celmar - I can’t tell if you have already learned something about how Rhino works or are at the very beginning - if the latter I recommend taking a look at the basics here -

that will give you an idea what tools are available.


hi Pascal!!! well, I have some bases, about Rhino, and use it rather regularly… It is just that I don’t understand how to “begin” that crown, the way to start the shape!!!

Hi Celmar - see if the attached file is of any use - the red curve on the rectagular plane has been FlowAlongSrf ed to the vertical surface with History to get something like the curve in the image to trim with.

CrownMaybe.3dm (290.6 KB)