Create a circle on a subd box to extrude it

Hey there iam looking for a way to recreate this in rhino.
in blender its called loop tools

i forwarded to a specific timecode

Hello - QuadRemesh will do that from an existing object - Set Detect hard edges, SubD output and SubD Creases if you want a subD object.

You can get a circle-based structure with QuadRemesh if you give it a guide curve - extrudin that into a hemisphere is a different matter - I’d go about it as above.


Thanks for your answer Pascal.

but i would need more control. The remeshing ist too unprecise

Another method, the result is better than without removal in the circle.


You can pull vertices to the selected curve using ToCurve option of Align command:


It’s your mesh.
With SubD there will be completely different results, instead of a sphere you get a square.
The question is about SubD.


Hi inju

Thank’s :thinking:

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This seemed like a technique I should learn. However, when I try to do it I get different results. After SelVolumePipe and I select the rectangle, I get circle/dia request at the cursor that is perpendicular to the plane we want and I can do nothing else. This must be some setting?