Create a ceiling

Hello !!! Please help me to creat this ceiling in rhino

Hi johnson harry wilfried,

Can add additional detail on what you are looking to create? What are you trying to create (outcomes?)

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Hi Japhy, the detail i got si this

and the outcomes

or if you wante like interior roof of Roll Royce

There are several aspects here that you may want to clarify:

  • Do you need it to be or include physical geometry?
  • What renderer are you using? Cycles? Vray?
  • What version of Rhino are you using?

In a Rolls Royce, if I recall how it was done in the Wraith, it was loads of pin sized holes in the roof lining?

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I want it to be included in a geometry as a rectangular polysurface. for rendering I use D5 render and I use Rhino 7
yes like in the Wraith

Still the same question as in this discussion

and you show no progress !

Okay, I think if you want a basic effect, you need to settle on an approach.

If you want to do this by mapping where the lights are visually unresolved, you can probably get away with an (emissive + opacity) pairing, so the emissives are sharply controlled across a single surface.

You can probably make this by using a multicolour noise map, then thresholding to control the number of pixels, where each remaining pixel will be each light.

Then you can convolve (blur) this image using a Gaussian, and then using that map as both the emission and the opacity map; floating this mapped surface below the physical ceiling ever so slightly.

I’m not familiar with D5 renderer, but I think most renderers will accept this approach. It is a way to avoid creating many lighting instances.

In this case, if daylight is clearly dominant, then you can perhaps turn off the illuminating, so GPU resources aren’t wasted. Vray and bella for example, will allow you to do this; so I would hope D5 will as well.

No, cause i dont kown how the plugin work and if i connecte the component correctly

honestly I didn’t understand the rest except the first paragraph but I’m still doing some research to see if I can find a simpler approach.
I have Vray but I don’t master it well and I’m on a PC with a 3060 Nvidia GPU when I use Vray my PC bugs and heats up a lot

Alright. There are a few problems here, not least hardware problems apparently.

Right, back to a more simple question(s). Are you wanting to render whole rooms, or does it matter that the lights are resolved? Do you want the effect, or does it matter what the lights look like up close? Do you need little chrome surrounds for example?

This is important as it defines what approach you can take; rough and ready, or discrete modelling and scattering.

There are ways to control your GPU if you are having problems. But if you need help, you can ask about your GPU here or on th Vray/D5 forums. Or even the many Nvidia groups on the internet.

Strange it didn’t work, it works here. Perhaps you need to install a Phyton library!
Did you look at error messages ?

here I used it to project on a rectangle surface it is quite nice, I put 3 rotations in order to choose the portion of sky you want.

Nightingale Example_project on (25.9 KB)

Magnitude 8

Magnitude 6

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ohh, so how can i install the phyton library ?

Many things could go wrong, it is hard to help without more information, but whatever there are also others options.
You could use what is available online such as this

Then upload the file and use the stars position and then treat them like you want. You have XYZ position and magnitude so you can do what treatment you want/need.

The big one is the Sun

earth (17.0 KB)