Create a 4 side shape from a given area

I am trying to show all the possible geometric 4 sides shape with its dimensions by entering its area.

Thank you

There are endless answers to it. You need some constrains.

There are 10 to 11 4-sides shapes and the total area is 3 000 units. Are these constraints ?

You mean REGULAR shapes (?)

  1. It’s fairly simple excersize if you lnow matematical formula for calculating area for each one
  2. Use galapagos for scaling until goal is reached

4-side shapes don’t have the same area

I’m a bit lost. Can you provide a file or a sketch?

Here are the precise spaces with its area

Still don’t understand.
Are you trying to find a variations of 4-sided outline that contains all the mentioned functions?

Yes, it’s a 4-sided outline

Again, you need some constrains as you may end up with 3x1000 units outline. Same for every function - it can come up highly unproportioned.
Try with nesting software first.
Draw OPTIMAL proportions for each function room and then nest it within optimal outlines.

What is nesting software ?

@lilianenguyen3 Do you mean a “rectangle” when you say a “4 side shape”? If so then as Piotr says there are an infinite number of possibilities.

For a rectagle:

Length side 2 = Area / Length Side 1

Put in the Area and any Length Side 1 and the equation above will provide a Length Side 2.

’ What is the definition of Nesting Software?

Nesting Software is used to optimally fit many different manufacturing parts to a single sheet of raw material. Optimal means that you get the parts you want in exact quantities, at the lowest possible cost; lowest cost includes material efficiency, machine efficiency, schedule adherence, order completion and all other cost considerations.

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