Crearting the gasket1


Hi! I’m new in Rhino.
Studying the tutorial level 1, after many tests I do not understand how to create the gasket described at page 143.
How to do after the 6 circles are drawn?
Thank for your help.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Michel - are you asking about this thing?:



First of all thanks a lot for your quick reply.

The model above: I’m trying to create the example described on this page but there is no additional explanation… When I my 6 circles are drawn I do not know how to continue.

Although I have created all the examples presented in the tutorial (before the page 132) I do not see the solution.

Perhaps I’ll have the same problem with the one you show me…

Best regards,


Rhino tutorial p132.pdf (78 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Michel - the text says

Use Circle, Arc, Trim, Fillet, and Join to create the part shown.

Use Extrude Planar Curve > Straight on the Solid menu to create the 3-D part.
The extrusion thickness is .125.

It looks like you now need to to the Trim and Join parts, then ExtrudeCrv



Hi Pascal,
I understand I have to use “trim” and “join” but I don’t succeed to eliminate the red lines.


(Willem Derks) #6

Hi Michel,

Select all the curves and run the command Trim
Next while in the command click on the parts w=you want to get removed.
DOes that work?



Hi Willem,
yes, great!
thanks a lot.


Hi Willem,

I strickly followed explanations in the Rhino tuto (p177) to create a canoe from Loft.3dm file.

The shell command says: the result is not a solid.

I thenk you in advance.


(Pascal Golay) #9

Hi Michel -sorry - this is really a mistake, basically, in the manual. Shelling was added to a simple exercise to which it is just not suited - please just ignore the shelling part of this lesson.



thanks Pascal!