Cream Pump

Dear @Ariel_Szternberg
welcome to the forum.

to get a really nice result - i think it is necessary to do some more advanced control point editing. A very basic starting point can be found here - rhino level 1 training guide Exercise 9-1 The Rubber Duck

But also the following workflow might give a nice result:

  • start with a circe, choose deformable as option, choose Degree 3, 20 Points.
  • copy paste (duplicate) the circle and adapt the left part to form a nicer tip.
  • together with a second curve build the top cover / curved cap (left)
  • (right) now use _shear to deform this curved cap (front view in my case)
  • _loft or _blendSrf for the transition inbetween the two parts

for even more advanced techniques i would recommend to have a look at this topic:

maybe post your file. how far did you get it modelled ?

kind regards - tom