Cread dialog box

Call Main()
Sub Main
	Dim Lmax, Bmax, H, a, b, c, d, e, f, Xmui, Xduoi, Zmui, Zduoi, Zky, LOAITAU
	Lmax = inputBox("CHIEU DAI LON NHAT", "NHAP THONG SO", 24000)
	Bmax = inputBox("CHIEU RONG LON NHAT", "NHAP THONG SO", 6600)
End Sub

When I run this script it creates 2 dialogbox the same is picture “1” and “2”.

I want to create 1 dialogbox the same is picture “3”


I don’t know do it. Please help me.

Hi @cua54kttt,

It is not possible to create custom user interfaces in RhinoScript.

However, in Rhino 6, you can use Python and Eto to create custom user interfaces.

– Dale