Crashing when Running multiple iterations

I was trying to use the Karamba3D tool to generate many design cases for machine learning, so I needed to leave it running overnight or for days to get thousands of iterations. It was working for me before and can run 15k iterations. But now with the same code, I can only run 1000 at a time without it crashing. The dmp file can be found here. crash file

I do not know whether this is related, but every time I open Grasshopper I will receive this error message. I tried reinstalling Karamba, but it did not work.

Thanks for your help! Please let me know if there is any more information I need to provide or anything I can try to resolve this issue.

Hi, can you please share the script with us so that we can test it out too. (136.7 KB)
Here is the model. I need for it to run ideally for more than 15k iterations at a time.

I posted my code below. I am not sure you have seen it.

Hi, yes we are looking at the script. We need to write a code to try to debug it to see where the error might lie that causes it to crash after 1000 iterations. This will take a little time.

Hi Matthew, thanks a lot!

Hi Matthew, just checking, was there any progress? Thanks again!

Hi, we have found the bug and will be releasing a new update very soon.

Hi Matthew, thank you so much for your help! Would I be looking to download the update on Github?

Hi, we have seemed to have found the problem and fixed it in the latest release: Release Karamba3D · karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds · GitHub

Thank you so much!