Crashing script when you click on Residuals Component

We are working on a simple wind analysis for a park using the Eddy3d software.

We are having trouble running the analysis because each time I click on the residuals component, the file crashes.
We have simplified the geometry as much as we can and tried multiple computers to run it, but it still crashes each time.

Could you please help us resolve this issue? The geometry that we are testing is attached.

It’s unusual for the script to crash as the Geometry looks simple to mesh. It would be helpful to share the Grasshopper file making it easy to investigate what’s wrong. I haven’t had any SWA crashes yet, have tried complex geometries than this & residual plot works fine every time.

Thanks for your response. Here is the script we are using. Could you let me know whats wrong? (29.7 KB)

Did you internalize the geometry in script?