Crashing on Print to Plotter

Another problem with printing - using my desktop now, I’m getting a crash when I print to Plotter.

And I still can’t get Rhino PDF to show the line weights correctly.

Make sure to use the 6.6 release candidate. There was a printing crash bug that was recently fixed and is only in the release candidate right now.

I replied to this in your other thread.

Hey @stevebaer

Here are the Rhino file, plus two PDFs printed with RhinoPDF - One has the line width Scale By set to 1.0 and one is at 4.0

FYI - yeah, I spelled “Line” wrong in the file name.

Thanks for the hand.

Rhino Print @ 4.0x Line Weights.pdf (622.5 KB)
Rhino Print @ 1.0x Line Weights.pdf (622.4 KB)
Lien Weights PDF.3dm (6.1 MB)

6.6? I only see 6.5.18149… --Mitch

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Don’t know if this needs to bounce since we have 2 sep issues here with printing, but it turns out my printing Crash is due to the updated HP T2300 Plotter Driver.

When I just have my computer find the printer driver, it’s I guess a different version.

Different Version = No Crash, but prints don’t come out of the plotter the correct direction.

Newest Updated Driver = Print comes out correctly, but almost always crashes before it gets the chance to print.


We released SR5 this week which typically means the first SR6 release candidate is available on the same day. @brian would know better than me if this is actually the case this week.

Whoops… I think I dropped the ball and forgot to put out a 6.6 release candidate. I’ll do that now!

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Am I safe to update my program during work right now? Not something I usually do, but I’m sort of dyin’ with my printing problems. If it’s safe otherwise, and may help my printing, I’ll go for it.

And will you update post to this thread so we know when it’s available?


6.6 is now available.

Release candidates are less stable than service releases. We do our best to make them stable, but there’s no guarantee that there are other problems in 6.6 that are worse than your printing woes. If you do have problems with 6.6, just uninstall it, and install 6.5.

Only you can decide if you’ve got the time to try 6.6, see if it works, report any bugs you find, and roll back to 6.5 if it doesn’t.

Thx. And yeah, now I’m not able to print to Plotter no matter what on 6.5

Will update if I go to 6.6