Crashing of Rhino 6.13 in my first run

Hi, I just got the license of Rhino 6.13. I installed it, but in my first run, I got an error report. I send a mail followed by it. My system is shaving only 4GB RAM and OpenGL 2.1, will it run my system? I am not going to use it for rendering only for computation purposes. Kindly suppport.
Thanks, Vijesh

Here are the system requirements for Rhino 6:

As you can see, 8GB memory is the recommended minimum. 16GB is probably what the average user has and many users with large models (architects, machinery designers) will have machines with 32 or 64 GB or more.

The thing that is most likely giving you your problem is your video card. OpenGL 4.1 is recommended. In addition, folks with video drivers older than about 6 months have frequently reported problems running Rhino 6 even with video cards that are hardware capable of supporting OpenGL 4.1.

That means I have to upgrade my system.
Thanks for your reply.