Crash with the SetPt command on the camera control points

I have experienced similar crashes over the years. It gets worse when non-Rhino-native render plugins like Maxwell/V-Ray are involved.

Another case of “crash in render preview modes” would be to use the SetPt command on the camera control points, while a live render is running. But that’s a different topic I guess.

Indeed a different topic, so I moved it to a new one of its own.

@DuncanW I tried the following:

  1. simple scene with box
  2. _Camera _Show
  3. Set viewport to Raytraced
  4. Select a camera control point in another viewport
  5. _SetPt, Ok without changing settings
  6. move control point around until happy and select location

I was unable to get Raytraced crashing.

Can you maybe elaborate what you are doing to get this crashing?

Thank you Nathan.

I believe with the more modern Rhino “raytraced” viewports this might be less of a problem. To my experience it’s more to do with render plugins, which may in fact be the reason for the crashes, and not Rhino itself?

In any case, a very rare thing to happen, thankfully. If I work anything out, I’ll share.

Quite possible. We’ll need to see a crashdump to be able to determine what the cause is.