Crash when moving dimensions with Gumball


Every time I try to drag an ano there is a crash.

(John Brock) #2

So far I can’t duplicate that here.
I assume you have selected the dimension so it’s grips are visible.
Are you dragging one, several, or all of the grips?
Are you in the model, in an active Detail, or on a Layout?

Does Rhino’s crash reporting system open?
If so, are you sending them in with details?

Please be specific.


OK, I just duplicated the crash and resent it.


and here is a video.

(John Brock) #5

OK. It looks like you’re using the Gumball tool to drag a single selected dimension object in the Top viewport.

I can duplicate the crash.
I’ll get it on the list.

Reported as:

When you crashed did you send in a crash report?

(John Brock) #6

The bug has been found and is on the developer’s list to fix.

As a temporary work-around until we can get it fixed, if you don’t use the Gumball tool for dragging dimensions, it should not crash.
I just turned Gumball off and I can drag dimensions or their Grips around without crashing.

(John Brock) #7

I just heard from the developer that he fixed the bug. I’ll see it in the next day or so for testing so it will very likely be in next week’s new WIP.


thanks for jumping on that. I appreciate being part of this process.