Crash Rhino7wip in this curves to(Loft,Sweep, and SubdLoft)-windiws

crash rhino7wip in this curves to(Loft,Sweep, and SubdLoft)
test on Rhino 7 SR0 2020-6-8 (Public Build, 7.0.20160.21045,(windows)

loft+sweep crash.3dm (88.4 KB)
(in rhino6 is good and not bug)
Also extrudeSubd will be crash rhino in same curve(rhino7)

No problems using (7.0.20154.14355, 6/2/2020) which appears to be the newest version available to me.

Loft and Sweep2 produce expected results.

Sweep1 surface twists and does not cloce, but otherwise okay.

LoftSubD produces result which has strange shape. I’m not a SubD user so I can’t comment further.

Perhaps you could run the Rhino command SystemInfo and post the results here. Someone may then have a suggestion. Also try disabling any non-McNeel plugins and see if that solves the problem.

There are problems in the new versions starting 7.0.20160.

It looks like newer versions of the WIP are not generally availabe yet. When I “Check now” under “Check for updates” the returned message is “This version is the latest available”. When I check the version available for download is from 2 June 2020, the same as the version I have. Perhaps the general release of thei week’s update has been delayed.

Trunk, current version.

Hi -

The latest public Rhino for Windows 7.0 WIP (7.0.20154.14355) was released 7 days ago.
You are running an “internal” daily build and should expect a lot more issues than people that stick to public builds.

We found several crashes occurring in daily builds in the last few days and decided not to release a public build at this time.

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