Crash report: Match properties activated (and not confirmed) within Block Edit

When editing a block in place,
I’ve launched a match properties process and left the dialog (not intentionally) without confirmation,
then I left the block editing mode via confirming the changes pressing OK (on Block Edit dialog),
when back in normal editing mode, I’ve confirmed the Match Properties dialog via pressing OK which is a point where Rhino crashes (tested repeatedly - just to make sure it’s a replicable crash bug).

Have a crash free day, all of you! :wink:

Version 5 SR9 32-bit
(5.9.40609.20145, 9.6.2014)
SN: 4-1502-0103-100-0004140-27676
David Hlouch, brokenBox Unity

Note I’ve sent a similar report to this via Rhino crash report dialog.