Crash on Opened Project if saved in Raytraced View Mode and new View Mode selected

Ryatrace takes up a lot of CPU processing, especially when first selected and it seems to be loading the scene pre-rendering before rendering progress is displayed.

If a project was saved in Raytraced View Mode it will of course open that way. The initial phase of Raytrace rendering and its heavy CPU processing begins.

After a few drastic crashes, I discovered that unless I wait for Rendering progress to display (which takes some time on this project) with counter tally running, before attempting to change the View Mode or pause the Raytrace, Rhino blinks off in a message-less crash.

If you find after a crash on your desktop a file RhinoCrashDump.dmp with a timestamp of around the time the crash occurred please upload at at the attention of

I haven’t had such crash, not been able to repeat, so the crashdumps are crucial in the investigation.

I’ve uploaded the file, but I think it’s empty. Incidentally I have noticed that the status bar at the bottom of the Raytrace Render window is usually orange in my case, for this large project and scene - I am imagining that to be an indicator of instability from maximized resource use. Occasionally it’s black, which I’m guessing means that resource use is stable.

If you can find a file that has the extension .dmp that would be great. I am assuming you otherwise are working with your project that has the Chesterfield in.

Orange means preparing for rendering, and first rendering result hasn’t been generated yet.

Gray means rendering. Black I haven’t seen before…

The only .dmp file with today’s date of creation is empty, but I uploaded it. There’s one that says it was modified today but created several days ago. It might be from a different crash, but I’ll upload it anyway.

I guess the grey bar looks black against unrendered darkness.

And yes, it’s the file with the chesterfield, but of course the recent one’s slightly different.

I’ll see if I can get the crash repeated with that then more extensively on Monday.

Thank you for the crashdump. I can see the moment the crash happens, but I’m having a hard time reproducing it myself. I’ll keep chipping away at it, hopefully I can get it fixed soon.