Crash in Rhino 8 WIP when inserting a block linked in other block

When block that is already linked (as reference) inside another linked block (reference) is being inserted Rhino 8 crashes

test-block.3dm (133.4 KB)
test-with-linked-in-test-block.3dm (137.3 KB)

steps to reproduce:
insert test.3dm as a linked block as reference as block
insert test-with-linked-in-test-block.3dm
Rhino 8 (8.0.22305.12305, 2022-11-01) crashes

(lots of crashes related to working with blocks in general - hope that something interesting is being cooked in that areaa)

Sent crash report at 17:26 11.11.2022 and 17:37

Hi @Daniel_Krajnik,

Yes, we see the crash dump submittals.

Thanks for reporting.

– Dale

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Thanks, based on the youtrack discussion today’s Rhino build may have a solution to this issue? Can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile: