Crash [Force Quit] when changing views

When changing views [in maximized viewport] every few changes I get a beachball loop, and have to Force Quit the WIP.
This happened many times I sent a few crash reports.

Initially I thought it was related to me trying to assign keyboard shortcuts to the views.
but it seems unrelated [It can loop also when changing from the menu.

Perhaps it is Metal related… When a view change goes into loop, the view always change to a weird zoom [not of the objects but the grid lines get very thick and fuzzy and the sign of Metal display in the bottom left also become very large.

thanks a lot

It’s metal related. We believe we have a fix for this in next week’s WIP.


Same happening here, thought it was Grasshopper/Kangaroo related :smile:

Same here. Looking forward to the fix, thank you in advance.