CRASH: clicking on annotation style imported via linked block

i am not posting a file because the steps are repeatable even with the simplest items (I sent a crash report with file)

make a text object a leader or a dimension> export to file

reimport via insert>block linked> layer referenced (not sure if the layer choice matters, that is just the way I work…)

as soon as you go into options>annotation> and click on the style imported with the block>


why do I even click on the imported style?
because it does not update when the linked block is updated. so I wanted to adjust something manually.

seems there is still a lot to even out with linked blocks. I use Elefront to update the block like outlined in this thread which solved the line/layer/colour issues, but the annotation style is sticky and is not updated.

Thanks, Daniel -

It looks like we already have this on the list: RH-67002 Linked Block with Annotation Layer Style References Crashes when selecting style in document properties
I’ve referenced this thread.

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