Crash bug - typing % on command line

Here at least, typing % on the command line and Enter crashes Rhino immediately…

I submitted this as a bug…

Thanks, --Mitch

Hi, i tryed it and nothing wrong happened. Rhino said “Unknown command:” only.
I am using Rhino 5 SR10 64-bit (5.10.41201.11145, 1. 12. 2014)

EDIT: sorry I see it now, your report belongs to SR11 RC

This is what I see

I see this in the WIP but not V5 (5.11.50107.14545, 1/7/2015)

Yep, see


Ah, OK, I filed a separate bug report, you can remove that one…


Thanks. It shows up in the debugger too.
We’ll get it fixed.

I just checked the other special macro characters (#, _, -, !, etc.) and it’s only % that’s the problem.

On this end mine just says "Unknown command:"
Version 5 SR10 64-bit
(5.10.41201.11145, 12/1/2014)

All my best … Danny

You need SR 11 relase candidate.