Crash Bootcamp: Rotating in perspective wireframe 6.0.17276.9501, 2017/10/03

6.0.17276.9501, 2017/10/03
While rotating using Righ mouse button in perspective wireframe,
with simple extruded surfaces crashes after rotating several .
!!Save your settings and etc., just in case. the crash froze the PC.

but not leaving any crash report…or is there…
Expanded the size of the surface and had the curve selected when it crashed.
Other settings were, historyON? that’s about it.

->Currently on BootCamp Mac with i5 8GB Intel HD630. Is bootcamp officially supported?

Is it possible to get the previous build?

SimpleExtrudedSurface.3dm (26.0 KB)

That file is not crashing here. I assume you mean rotating the view.
Are you sending in crash reports?

If you are automatically downloading updates, the previous one should still be available here:

@wim Thank you for the tip for the previous data. I just had the mac bootcamped and this version is the first V6 for this machine…

And yes, I mean rotating the view. maybe zoom/zoom out & pan. I should check it again.

Zooming in zooming out and rotating did it…
CPU use was not so high and so was the memory used. maybe 10%and500MB right before the crash.

Then I guess it’s most likely that the mac would have crashed with previous WIPs as well - this far into the development. Are there any display drivers you can update? [I don’t know the first thing about bootcamp…]

Still new to bootcamp myself…
The gpu was Intel iris 5100, got driver from june this year… seems like the latest.

I’ll set all settings to default and see if that changes it.

Zoomed in more now.
Rotating view just a bit crashes.

…can anyone try?

I also check it tomorrow with a normal windows pc. non-bootcamped.

SimpleExtrudedSurface.3dm (25.7 KB)

Can’t reproduce in normal PC laptop(non-bootcamp) for now… (13.6 MB)
Crashes seen in PC (i7 24GB GTX1050)
When rendering using Rhino Render and stopping/closing rendering window causes crash often.
But no bug report produced… No pop-up of crash either.

Got a dump file. Attached above.
Crashed during “Building Spotlight Shadow Grid”