Crash after crash (Visual Studio and just-in-time debugger)

I have recently upgraded to Rhino 6 and since then I have been experiencing lots Grasshopper/Rhino crashes.
(While I was testing Rhino WIP and Beta everything was fine.)

Grasshopper and Rhino crash while I am saving and exiting clusters.
The error is related to “just-in-time debugger error” and (here I speculate) caused in tandem with Visual Studio Community 2017.

I tried to solve the problem by uninstalling Visual Studio and cleaning the Registry of the “Just In Time Debugger files” as instructed on the Microsoft web page.
With no luck!

I am wondering if I am the only one experiencing such issues.

Thanks all in advance

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Hi Roberto,

We have been experiencing a surge of crashes in Rhino V6 while using our Grasshopper definitions.
It can’t be pinned to a specific plugin or a specific action.
Just keeps crashing and crashing…

Doing by any chance things with Text and/or annotations?

I highly doubt the text/annotation crash that we are investigating is related. GH in general does not use these classes at all.

Grasshopper draws Text3D objects, quite a lot of them in some cases. Are they associated with annotations?

You’re right; I looked at the Text3d class and TextEntity/DimensionStyle classes are used in the BoundingBox calculation. That said, they are wrapped in using blocks so they would be immediately destroyed (never part of the GC).