CPU Temperature when CPU Rendering

Hey guys,

I am trying to render some (large/complex) models in Rhino through Vray, and I was wondering if you guys would suggest CPU/CUDA/RTX rendering. What are the differences (like in speed, quality, etc.)?

One problem I’m currently running into while CPU rendering with Vray is that my CPU temp goes wayyy too high (100degrees C). I would appreciate any feedback on rendering settings, methods, etc.

The model I am rendering is a tower which has many parts to it, and is about 900ft tall, on a 185’x185’ base (if that gives you the scale of what I’m trying to render).

My specs are
i7 10700 @4.6ghz
rtx 3070
32gb ram @4000mhz
corsair h115i

Go to power settings and reduce the power to 98 or 97 percent. This will help alot to keep the cpu under 100c.

I have used this trick a lot in the past.

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Also regularly clean out your case: remove dust build-up from fan blades, heatsinks and the case in general (goes for both desktop and laptop).

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Thank you, this worked perfectly. I had to lower the minimum+maximum power to about 93% which brought the clock speed down to 2.7ghz-ish, but the cpu was able to keep itself around <90 degrees C. Another individual suggested that I go to the bios and apply an avx offset of 3 or 5. Is that the same concept?

I believe AVX will drop voltage when running mutpile cores sync’ed with the same process.

You would need to experiment to see what works best.

Rendering on the CPU is very efficient, that is why on marginal cooled machines keeping the CPU cool can be a challenge. On laptops a physically larger (taller) case can aid with cooling. On desktops, which are easier to cool, airflow and case space also matter for the highest performing machines.


Why are you particularly concerned about the CPU temperature on a desktop? It’s not sitting on your lap…the processor will manage its speeds to keep from melting. Intels aren’t as efficient as AMDs, they run hot, that’s how they are. Does it reduce the life of the CPU? Maybe, a bit…but what’s worth more the CPU or your time? Sock the watts to it.

I know AMD is better in terms of pure cpu power/efficiency especially when it comes to CAD/Rendering but I had chosen intel because their memory oc, gaming perf., etc. (until AMD pretty much killed them recently which is another topic). I’m fine with the cpu going up to about 90 deg. C. since it throttles itself and my cooler should be able to keep it relatively stable but I definitely do not want 100 deg. C. for over 30 mintues for my cpu or my motherboard.