CPU load really low during Split surfaces operation



I’m experimenting with perforated surfaces at the moment and doing massive surface splits. I was sitting here waiting for Rhino to complete the Split and thought “this is taking a long time” looked at the CPU load and saw it’s at 7-9%…

Why is that?

Is there a better way to do holes? I do like this, Curves from GH, Split surface, delete “holes”.

Thank you


Yes, despite the fact that you have 6 cores and 12 logical processors, Rhino is using only one of them to calculate the split. 1/12 = around 8%… Some operations in Rhino can’t be parallelized to use more cores. --Mitch


Thank you, is this something that will be possible in Rhino 6?


I don’t think so… --Mitch


A few commands that can be parallelized are already, but in general these things just aren’t suitable for it. Splitting a thousand holes out of one surface, that’s not going to help, it has to be something you can break up into independent operations to see any benefit.


Ok I see. Out of curiosity, what type of commands do use multiple cores?
To me (as a person with quite limited programing skills) a pile of operations like this would be ideal to divide among the cores. Is it because it’s one surface it’s difficult?