CPU high usage after I closed Rhino 8

Ok, pretty much what is in the title. The Compat.exe kept running after I closed Rhino

I didnt noticed at first because I was wearing headsets but after I took then off I thought (wait, why are the fans full speed from a few youtube videos)

Right clicking the process took me to /Rhino 8 WIP/System/netcore.compat.exe

I tried some things on Rhino 8, PushPull Command, ShrinkRap, and a few low effort renders. Ah, and I openned RhinoCode but didnt do anything with it, just let it download the things it asked the first time.

Right clicking and finishing the process got a random pop up to show almost out of screen (I use single monitor so thats weird) with a message saying that Orca3D wasnt able to load(I have Orca and a Test version installed so it asks to load everytime I open Rhino, wasn’t expecting it to be installed automatically on rhino 8), closing that made a new Rhino 8 window appear, I closed it and the CPU load and fans calmed down.

definitely sounds like Orca3D is causing this issue. can you uninstall it and give it a try.

Alternative to uninstalling Orca3D is to block it from loading in PluginManager.
I’m using Rhino 8 WIP with Orca installed but not enabled without problems.

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