Cplane set to planar surface shows face at zoom

I have used Cplane three point on this planar surface.

Planar surface made with planar surface from 4 point command.

  1. Pick origin bottom ‘nearest me’

pick x axis, ctrl osnap perp from, pick bott of surface then that origin corner and move cursor along current X axis and click,
click on base of surface for Y.

see a thick black line, zoom in and can see surface of ‘surface’ surely it should be thin line ?
Cplane setToPlanarSurface shows view of face at zoom.3dm (40.4 KB)

Hi Steve -
The surface from four point command (SrfPt, Surface menu > Corner points), if that is what you are using, does not make a planar surface unless all four points you give it are co-planar. There is no planar surface from four points command. That said, I do not know what you are asking about yet…

Surface edges are heavy - 2 pixels, by default. If the surface is not absolutely planar - which this one is not, then some edge-on views may not just show the edge.


Hi Pascal,
I didnt think that surface from 4 points could be bent but yes its so, piece of papaer creased between opposing corners, now I have drawn a rectangle then used planar surface command. Now I zoom right in and can’t see a grey surface face with cross in middle, thin as it may be. Zoom even more and I see something of a thick line and not quite perfect but thats probably by being/seeing beyond the 0.01 tolerance limits it was default drawn at.


Do you understand how to use SetPt? You can always make a surface planar if you understand SetPt.

Hi, In this case the surface was set to the face of an object, so it was important not to move it even a whisker.

Mistake was using surface from 4point.


This if the intention was for that opening to be planar, use SetPt on the points of the surfaces along the edge to make them planar. It’s trivial.