CPlane Right view not aligned properly

I would expect that on the right view Red axis will be parallel to the X axis of the screen and Green axis would be parallel to the Y axis of the screen.

How to align Right view properly after triggering Cplane?

Edit: I see that Plan command does it but please tell me why Cplane does not align it automatically.
I have a feature request to add a ‘plan’ as an option to Cplane command to allow aligning the right view automatically after triggering the Cplane command. I think that is what most people would expect after fire Cplane command (I saw many comments like mine). It’s confusing IMO. I would like to have all 3 views (Top, Right, Bottom) properly aligned after using Cplane. It’s not simple but it should IMO.
Plan command works for me but only for the right view. I can`t see properly from a Top view after using Cplane.

But CPlane is view specific, so if you change the “Right” view to reflect a CPlane change in the “Front” view, it would no longer reflect it’s own CPlane…

Maybe the answer is to have World and CPlane versions of 4View - where the latter sets all four views and CPlanes to reflect whichever CPlane is current in the active view - and/or a CPlaneAll command that does the same but without resizing the views. And maybe a CPlaneRevertAll to put them back to their previous state, to avoid laboriously resetting each one.

Personally, I would not want views to change automatically when a CPlane was changed - it would have to be a user choice.


That is why I’ve written about an option which could be added to cplane command. For now cplane has only All=yes/no option which allows to use it on all views or on one view. I`m saying only about aligning option which would happen after Cplane on all or on one view.

Could you tell me how to align all 4 views to the cplane X,Y,Z axis for now ‘Plan’ command allows me only to align ‘Right’ view (I’m saying about the alignment of CPlane axis to the screen axis). I can`t align ‘Top’ and ‘Front’ view.

Does checking “Universal CPlanes” in Options>Modeling aids do anything for you?

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Yes. It’s exactly what I looked for but I still think that I would expect it as a cplane command option or something that is as default. I looked for it for a while and it was not as straightforward as Workplane in Modo for example which changes all view alignment (screen view is parallel to temporary axis). I’m not saying about changing all views which is ok as an option. I`m saying only that what makes Universal Cplanes.
Thanks for helping me.