CPlane location

Why does the Cplane move each time an object is selected and it is oriented only to that object?

are you on V8 WIP ?
turn off the auto-Cplane (object) feature

Thank you, there are many changes that are different from R7. Is there a list somewhere to be to familiarize myself with the changes?

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there is also a new in V8 Toolbar at the top-right

Thanks again.

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maybe mark this topic as solved - so others don t need to dig in and see that you re happy (hopefully)
kind regards -tom

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Hello again Tom,
I just did the update for R8 and opened a drawing from a few months before only to find the image attached. Is this another problem with Metal? The white parts are the true form which was OK in the previous version. The seemingly transparent or dark colored objects appeared when I opened the drawing after the update. I tried copying the white objects and they become as you see a dark transparent version of the white object. Several months ago I had a problem that I showed Brian James where there were ghost objects in places that were different from the true place of the objects, it was a problem with Metal and I don’t remember the number he gave it. I hope this will be an easier solution as the previous one took several weeks to solve so working on the drawing in R8 was impossible.

Hi Joe - please start a new topic for this new question.


I just sent you an email so if you read it before this one you will see the problem I have encountered. I am sending you this because I looked closer and found the same problem in other parts of the drawing, of which the image attached is another example.