CPlane issue

Hi to you great people :slight_smile:
I’m having this issue with a boat cover that someone might be able to help with ?, I have digitized the boat and have the model.

I have constructed the fabric panels I need and edge marked them with a script Pascal wrote for me ( thanks Pascal ) the edge marks help align the panels for sewing.

I have then used Meshoutline so I have the outline and the edge marks together.

My problem is the edge marks are on the Cplane and the outlines are way above the Cplane and nothing I try can get the outlines to drop to the cplane so they fit correctly with the edge marks, which is quite important.

I have been using Group to hold together the mesh outline and the edge marks if that helps. canopy01 -working2.3dm (4.5 MB)

Hello - use ProjectToCplane - does that do it?


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HI Pascal,
super fast reply as usual, you rock :slight_smile:

I found a way around it just now,

ProjectToCplane is what I was using but the outline would not move at all ?? the edge marks projected ok but the outline wouldn’t ?
What I did was to do it upside down because I knew the edge marks would move. I set the Cplane to the MeshOutline and then used ProjectToCplane to project the edge marks upwards to meet the Mesh outlines…

Still doesn’t explain why the outlines would not project downwards ? But my laptop has been doing some strange things like the Right viewport will behave like the Perspective viewport ? and sometimes a command will work on one curve but not another ?

I will see if I can update my graphics card drivers to see if that helps. …

PS I love your basic edge marker python script but can be very time consuming because I often have to select the marks individually to move them with the surface or outline because they don’t stick , if that makes sense.

Thanks for your help once again :slight_smile:

Hello - can you post or send me a file with curves that will not project to the CPlane?



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it’s the file in my first post, I am getting the feeling the problem is with my laptop. I use a different laptop at work than the one I have at home, there are no issues when using my home laptop but my work one is doing some odd things ?


Oops - sorry, I did not see the attached file - all curves project just fine here…
Is this it?
canopy01 -working2_Projected.3dm (3.5 MB)


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yes thats the one, thank you for checking for me. It was driving me insane all day as nothing would make the outlines project but I worked around it eventually :-)…

Thanks for your help, feel free to take last friday off heheh