Cplane direction bugging after bringing files from solidworks

I converted my model from solidworks into .step format and then exploded my block into layers. Now I can see all the layers fine but my cplane default is parallel to my model… How can I reset the plane to normal? (to underneath the model) I already tried all the commands in the CPlane panel and I am still facing same problem

Hi Abel - running 4View twice in a row will reset views and cplanes; CPlane > World > Top sets the default Top CPlane.


thanks Pascal. I did that and I repeated again but when I rotate for example the perspective view after that… it keeps moving the cplane (as if it is attached) to the model… Any other advice?

Hi Abel - make sure Options > Modeling Aids > Construction planes is set to Standard and not Universal CPlanes.


I checked now and it is set to Standard… Still not detaching

Did you ever set up an MPlane in this model? Can you send the file to us? (tech@mcneel.com)


we did in solidworks but remember the conversion to .step format has some bugs in the process of being recognized into rhino… So we had to explode the block that came with the model from SolidWorks in order to be able to see all the layers… But this plane is not detaching and I think it has something to do with this process…