CPlane confusion

When I change the CPlane in the perspective view using the context menu to world front I seem to get the same CPlane as world right. That is, the CPlane is aligned in the same direction as that in the right view whereas I expected it to be aligned in the same direction as the front view.

Can someone enlighten me to as to why my understanding of this is wrong please?


Can you supply screenshots of what you see.

Sure. Here’s the views with the default CPlanes and a simple object added for reference:

Here’s what I get if I set the perspective CPlane to World Front:

And here’s what I get if set it to World Right:

I hope that helps.

Looks like you have “Universal CPlanes” set in Preferences>Modeling aids. Re-set it to “Standard” and the “odd” behavior should disappear.

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks, but I checked the preferences and it’s currently set to standard construction planes.

That looks wrong, yes. I’m unable to check on Mac right now but FWIW, it doesn’t do that on windows.

CPlane set to World Front

This is what I get when I set to World front …

And in World Right …

And world top is correct ?

So if tour world Right And World Front are reversed, tou have to find out what changed? Camera view?

Even if I change preferences / modelling aids to Universal.I cannot recreate @rjpontefract 's images.

Like they say on the It Crowd, “Stop it and start it again”, does that make any changes?

I didn’t change anything that I know of and my tests were done in a new file. However, if no-one else sees this issue it must be something local.