Couple of scale/units questions

Hi, my tutor gave us a .dwg file for contours of a site we’re designing. I’m trying to scale this at A0 paper size,
the box to scale says ‘2e+08’ what exactly does this mean?

The problem I am having is in the ‘top’ view I can see the contours fine, however in the page view it is just an empty page. Is there a way to zoom in or zoom out to try and find the contour lines? I imagine the scale is just so high that they appear as a very small dot on the paper.

also when using the distance command in the page view why does it give the distance in inches despite my set up being in mm?


Hi Cormac

2e+08 means 2 multiplied by 10^8. In other words, 2 followed by 8 zeros:
2e+08 = 200000000

Indeed the detail on the page is probably way in or out of scale.
If you double click a detail, you can operate it like a viewport, double click again and it gets back to being a Detail.

Try this to get a good detail to start with:
Set the “correct” ‘top’ view active and run the command: _CopyViewportToDetail.
It will create a new page with a detail based on that view.

The reason why your current detail is so much off, I don’t know but I suspect there is geometry far apart.
So besides the contours you need on A0 there is geometry far away from it. An initial detail on a page is set to zoom extends making everything in the file visible.

Have a look at the Document Properties entry for Units:

There you can set both Model and Layout units.


Hi Willem,

thanks a lot that’s great - I managed to do it by using the command NamedView, very useful!


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