Couple issues seeing in WIP of 12.12.17'

Hi forum, In the latest WIP I see that when Zebra or Emap is being used the dialog moves over to the right of the screen and doesn’t have a way to close it unless you go back the the right click of button. no " X" in other words.
Also I opened the analyse tab to use it and wanted to dock it. It won’t dock with others at top. thanks,Mark

Hi Mark, I’m not seeing the absence of the X to close these dialogs here. They are also able to dock in the UI. Can you take a screenshot of what you see? Also please run SystemInfo and post that info. Thanks.

Hi Brian, Please disregard my labeling of this picture.
ok, getting back to you about what I am seeing. I have zebra and emap on a shortcut on the scroll wheel of a mouse. I activate either one or both and they immediately move over and lock to where you see in the picture. to deactivate either one I am having to go back to the icon and right click to close them.
let me know if you need more info. —Mark

Brian, I am seeing the Dragstrength command doing as zebra and emap. They all dock to the right side of the computer display inside Rhino. I am unable to remove them by dragging into screen open area or by “x”- ing out.
Maybe I am missing something in a setting? Thanks, Mark

See if you have this toolbar option enabled… if so, uncheck it. Then the next time you run one of these commands you should be able to drag it off to be a floating dialog. The state is saved so it will be floating next time too even if you recheck the lock docked windows option. Any luck?

Alternatively, you could also use the EmapOff and ZebraOff commands mapped to hotkeys or other mouse buttons if available.

Yes Brian that was checked. Thanks , I unchecked it. Now they are able to be closed and moved. —-Mark