Count in Curvature Analysis (CurvatureGraph)

I don’t understand what this means:

In the German help it’s not mentioned.

This is actually CurvatureGraph, not CurvatureAnalysis…

The new “Count” parameter appears only to apply to surfaces - so maybe it should be moved further down into the “surfaces” section.

The command name in English is CurvatureGraph. (I’ll revise the post name).

The “Count” options is new in V8 and only applies to surfaces. It controls the density of the curvature combs.

Count = 1 gives the same results as in V7 and earlier versions. Count greater than 1 add combs.

Count = 0 results in a curvature comb at each knot line (span edge) only. If a surface is single span in a u or v then there will not be a corresponding interior comb. This is different than V7 and earlier where single span surfaces have an interior comb.

Count = -1 results in curvature combs only on the untrimmed edges for both single span and multi-spans…

The V8 BETA help does not mention “Count”.

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@Helvetosaur @davidcockey

It is on my list to document. I’m adding it.

Blush, of course.

Thanks for the explanation, the new functionality is helpful.
@Helvetosaur is right, it should be in the surfaces section.
And perhaps a better term in German.
‘Zählen’ means counting.

Yes, I would say perhaps Anzahl would be the correct term…

Was the English “count” translated into German as a verb instead of as a noun?

That’s what it looks like… Perhaps they are running an automatic translation routine which then needs to be corrected by real humans…

I remember a software with a small typo.

“Count must be greater than 0.”
“Count must be grater than 0.” (typo in greater)

“Menge muss Reibe als 0.”

Not easy to understand…

Same software, but not a typo:
“Match curve” → “Zündhölz Kurve”

Had a lot of fun with that software :wink: