Could you please make textures update?


If I modify a texture for a material, I have to unload and reload it manually.
Could you please make the material editor update textures when the files get modified?


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Hi Bogdan - I believe it should update, I’ll check… How are you modifying the texture?

Well… here the texture updates immediately but the rendered display goes to black where the trexture is used.

Can’t repeat that. It just updates as I change and save the image in Photoshop.


Hi @pascal,

Could it be a network issue? Saving the image in a network location rater than locally? Otherwise I can’t explain why they don’t update.

Thanks for checking!

Hi Bogdan - here this works if the image is from a network location as well. However, I am making the edits on my machine, it is not someone else editing and saving to that location - I don’t know if that should matter, but that is how I’m testing so far.


hmm… I’m also the one making the changes. I don’t understand.

@edhenry70, do you also have this problem? because we cannot figure it out.