Could you please help me understand how to finish it like this picture?

Could you please help me understand how to finish it like this picture?
①Could you tell me TSplines or other plug-in unit make it?
②How could i do it like the picture?

what is it you want to finish ? It seems more you didn’t begin?
From the limited explanations, references … it looks like a sort of physical simulation of glued 2 surfaces that are moved.
There could be way to make some approximations using isosurface, or some kind of minimal surfaces …

So could you elaborate a bit more? What are your inputs, outputs? Do you want a dynamic results, a static one?

Is it that you are after ? “sticky gum simulation”

Follow the last tutorial.
Make a planar mesh.
Extract some inner holes
Extrude the holes (Pufferfish has a component for that)
mirror the shape
smooth the shape (I used Smooth from Ngon)

Sticky sole! cool concept for keeping dirt like a lot of lattice concepts.


I think it could also be done with a dynamic scalar field (using Gaussian attractions) and meshed with an isosurface.

Hello Daniel,
isosurfacing and some fields are great tools. But it was quite easy to make something not too bad using this technique.
Take a plane mesh.
Add some attractors, here curves but i also use Simplex Noise to make the precursors

Split the mesh in two types of mesh, “precursors” and floor

Extrude the holes, here using Pufferfish component, but it is also possible to use loft polyline to mesh…

Make a mirror to have also the top. I also used a rotation in another one (the head at the end of the thread)

Do some mesh cleaning and minimize the mesh. I used here Smooth from Ngon plugin.
There is also Minimal Surface from Millipede

sticky gum (13.3 KB)

@brt1 thanks for the head from this discussion


Laurent, you literally gone berserk about this!

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Riccarodo, I hope you’ll not have bad dreams because of me :wink:
I should have used the crystals instead of the head but this model is nice.

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Does the definition include a slider for Freakiness that is set to 11?

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@martynjhogg, @RIL. I wanted to name it “splitted thoughts”. I have myself be splitted a bit some days ago (12 clips on the skin) this could explain my choice and for me it is not worse than what I saw when I was a kid “Fantomas”.

Let’s come back to Skyscraper, shoes,


And some good and nice products!! It seems there is an head!!!



I wanted to give it a try with a kangaroo simulation.
Used “BreakableLines” custom goal by Daniel, from

Not exactly what i imagined, and it feels like this is generally a bad idea.
Posting just for reference:
tearing2 (28.4 KB)

Heavy, outputs are difficult to use, ugly behavior and result. :upside_down_face:

After seeing it, it really seems like some sort of “net of springs” tearing apart, but this is nothing related with … “viscosity” … which much better describe the initial question.


@amazingwang321 It will be appreciated and polite to give your thought on what was posted!!

Hello ,Laurent Delrieu
Thank you for your thoughts.
At the beginning, I was just thinking about this question with an interested attitude. Your answer made me feel that the derivation process of this picture should be like this.
Thank you again for your thoughts!

Now I will try your ideas and combine them with my thoughts to make a landscape structure. If I can do it, I will share it here.
Thank you for your help!

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It’s not a bad result. It’s an interesting attempt. I don’t think it’s a rigorous logical deduction, but an interesting artistic composition, which is controlled by some elements.
Thank you for thinking!

Now I have a new idea. In China, there is a myth that the world is a mess. Pangu used an axe to separate heaven and earth. From then on, heaven and earth came into being. I want to control some elements through grasshopper to form a landscape structure.
Thank you for your consideration and reply. If you have any new ideas, you are welcome to continue to put forward them.

Finally, we made a box to discuss human activities.
Thanks for your ideals!