Could you make Rhino 6 run in web browser, somehow like FormIT does?

This way it will become available everywhere instantly.

I doubt this is doable without massive development, but it surely would be fantastic.

You mean like this?

– Dale

That looks more like a sharing and communication tool rather than a fully functional rhino version inside the web browser, so, no.

Check Vectary for another example.

Maybe you mean something like OnShape? It totally exists in a browser, from the user’s perspective.

Not really, should be just like running rhino on a virtual machine.

You could also just run Rhino on a remote machine and use i.e. VNC to connect.

Some VNC servers have a simple webserver built in, one that serves a viewer for in the browser…

Of course I can, there are several solutions. But all too geeky. The purpose is to make it easily accessible.

You can try

And this…

Paperspace used to highlight Rhino in their demos/ web marketing.

I use(d) Paperspace…works!

In Europe, there is this (never tried it)

I’d like to know why? What problem are we trying to solve by running Rhino by launching a web-browser instead of launching Rhino.

I tried visualizations and remote access before, including Frame and it’s all slow. Delay is minimal enough to seem useful, but long enough to be a horrible experience.

Same goes to CAD in the cloud: it works great for a plank and a hole sample file. Or the simplistic stuff you can model with Onshape tools. But if you feed it a large, heavy, complex model it just melts.

Maybe I’m being too critical. But I see no upside here. A fast PC with decent video card and ram is 100x better than any remote solution. Just me?



Because it is there, dude…(and it is your future…)

Hey, if you can’t figure out what you’d want to do with it, I’m sure as poop not going to tell you. Different strokes…

I will say this…Frame sucked when I tested it, and Paperspace worked and still does. I think I know why, but why bother…

Not for everyone, (essentially old geezers like @gustojunk :stuck_out_tongue:)

But here is Paperspace. Largest model I could find in a hurry on GrabCAD (because you can’t see my heavy models)

I will say performance is somewhat close to local, but not quite the same, with whatever model IMO. Your mileage will vary…

I know I’m an old gizzard, and probably I’m assuming you all also see the obvious. Let me explain: I see value in remote access when you want to access a system that’s way more powerful that what’s physically in front of you. Examples: traveling, or away from your system and need to do things like rendering or grasshopper calculations. And your laptop will not be good/fast enough.

…but I still fail to see many cases where it makes sense for an interactive/modeling session like what we do in Rhino. That frame rate you show there seems unusable to model with IMO.

Thanks for sharing.


Have you tried otoy’s octane and blender demos? click on “Cloud Demos”.

They have the most convincing solution I have seen, I can operate those with minimal lag even on my old copper internet connection with 8Mbit download and 0,5Mbit upload speed.

But for med it would require that I built and stored the file/assembly online too, as uploading a 500MB file takes for ever and interrupts my download for an hour (I use dropbox a lot and upload speed is my biggest issue for large files)

One other reason to have Rhino running in browser would be that it will become available for ChromeOS. Right? There’s no real cad software for it right now.

Nah, you’re not. Just ‘schoolyard’ playing with you. You’re a good sport for playing along!

You’re totally right too. A local desktop does ‘feel’ better. I’d rather user one, for the most part, and at present.

Bottom line - it’s really situational right now.

That said, one day, I do believe SaaS is the future, like it or not. I believe that IaaS (your whole operating system/computer in the cloud,) is not the way to go and ultimately yields to SaaS. ISV will love it too, as they can crush piracy through SaaS subscriptions, etc.

Still, SaaS will not dominate (per industry segment) until people like us say…“yea, I want to use that all the time.” When all the ducks line up and that happens…can’t exactly predict, obviously. Long time? Soon? Never???

No, but you hit the nail on the head!

It is really about the implementation…and that varies currently.

Killer implementations will fly, IMO

This is the other reason it has legs…

Millennials and GenZ are likely to reject status quo. They’ll want to run ‘whatever’ off their phone (sort of), beamed to paper thin OLEDs on the wall.

Another reason: It will bypass the IT department that pre-installs autocad only, in those old school, never changing, 500 employees companies, where creativity dies for every intern without admin privileges. :scream: