Could Rhino be involved in this Windows problem?

A while back I had a problem when updating Windows and rhino 6. Brian Gillespie remoted my machine and concluded that the Windows update record was corrupted, and MS would have to fix it. MS did, and the Rhino update took. This was Windows 10-Ver 1803 update.

I am now again having Windows update problems. But on my Laptop, Desktop, and Surface Pro 4! All say the update record is damaged, and when fixed, they say Win 1803 is the latest version. (Windows October 2018 Ver1809 is the latest)

Windows 10 and Rhino 6 are the only constants over the three machines. Is there possibility that Rhino 6 updates could be damaging the update record?

Edit: Some one just told me MS has withdrawn the Win 10 update due to problems.

Update: MS has released the update again. I have installed but not through the built in Windows update procedure. Weird that the update record would be corrupted on 3 different machines.

Hello - what is the upshot then - is everything working now?


Seems so. I just wondered if the frequent Rhino 6 updates could perhaps corrupt the update record file?

I think it was about Rh 6.6 or 7 that the update crashed, and then neither Rhino nor Windows could update. After trying himself, Brian Gillespie suggested I talk to MS. They then remoted my computer and fixed it. Brian again remoted and Rhino installed.

I was getting that same error again on the three machines with Rhino. Not knowing how the update record file works, I was just guessing.