Correctly tapered lettering


I’m wanting to taper lettering extrusions (see images for reference). I’ve tried the obvious tools, taper and chamfer, taper does not give a uniform taper all around the lettering as some parts of the lettering are thicker than others (see screenshot of E for reference). Chamfer only does part of the lettering, it does not chamfer all the way down and well the further down you get and the bigger the chamfer it gets very messy - lines going everywhere. I then tried making another thinner letter inside the main letter so I could do a loft or a sweep command both giving me poor disformed results. If anyone has another method it would be greatly appreciated!!
Its worth mentioning that I did get results from I belive the loft tool with the L and P but the E and W no luck and to be honest I like to think there’s a better way of doing this that I don’t know about. so any help would be brilliant. :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 11.37.02|583x500

hi, pls post an actual file because many solutions depend on the individual situation. for instance as seen in the screen shot you have a rounded part and a straight part hitting onto each other which might need some reworking meaning you might have so separate the curves so that sweep loft whatever works properly.


Please see attached file. Thanks very much for assisting :slight_smile:

V2.3dm (2.2 MB)

when you see those parts i highlighted in red in my post above, there are on one side 9 points the other has 7 or 8. for this to work properly it is a good practice to have them coincide.

one quick work around is to use sweep2 and make use of the add slash option, here (maybe not well visible) at each point i made further incisions. best you activate perpendicular snaps for this and pull straight lines over, that cleans up the surface. you can add further slashes if needed of course. but having them where the bow starts gives quite a good result without having to add too many. i obviously did not complete the slashes fully but it should give you an idea.

but the better option is still cleaning up and having both curves coinciding points.

This looks great, thanks so much! Could I trouble you for a quick screen video just to fully understand?

oh no sorry :neutral_face: that is not worth the effort, rather see that you rebuild the curves and get equal points parallel to each other, i think the outcome then would be far superior.


Apologies for the late reply. I only meant with putting the slashes as I wasn’t quite sure what you meant but since figured it out and that’s worked grand! Thanks very much for your help!