Correct way to Re-install Rhino-7 on fresh Win-10 drive

My win-10 drive is developing increasing permissions errors - Drive seems OK ( CHKDSK, etc) - I wish to do a Fresh install of Win-10 and then re-install Rhino 7 . What is the best way to do this? If I install using my original Rhino-7 software ( 18months old) I have dozens of updates to go through, etc. Do I need to first ‘release’ the license, etc?
Thank You.

Hi Joe -

You’d only install the latest available version. If you have an external disk or online storage, I’d now change the Rhino update frequency to Service Release Candidates and then manually check for updates. That will allow you to download the latest SR19 release candidate.

The easiest would be to just have your license in your Rhino Account - which it doesn’t look like it currently is. If you really want to keep this stand-alone, running Rhino 7.19 will make sure that you can move the license to the new drive when win-10 is reinstalled.